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Evax Topicals Pflege und Insektenschutz für Pferde Entwickelt an der Universität Zürich – Wissen aus Immunologie, Dermatologie und Pharmakologie TÄGLICHE PFLEGE Pflegecreme für jeden Tag Pflege

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Our research team is committed to learn about the science behind equine diseases (e.g. see Pipeline) comparable to standards in human medicine. Get an overview of our publications so far in scientific journals.

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February 2021




Fortbildung für Tierärzt*innen: Allergische Hauterkrankungen bei Pferden“  am 17.02.2021 als Webinar von 18 – 21 Uhr.

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We have received competitive research grants from the Swiss National Fund and Innosuisse for basic research on disease mechanisms in sweet itch in the acute and chronic phase 🎉🎉🎉

JULI 2020

On 24 July 2020 Evax AG and Benchmark Holdings plc mutally and amicably agreed to dissolve their collaboration to develop and commercialise a vaccine for Insect Bite Hypersentivity (IBH) in horses. Evax AG continues to pursue the development of a vaccine through its own endeavours and with other partners.

Dr. Antonia Gabriel, CEO & CSO of Evax AG comments, “We are committed to continue working on our cutting-edge technology to bring latest efforts of human medicine into horses. The positive result achieved with our therapeutic vaccine in IBH affected client-owned horses is a significant development milestone and suggests our product candidate has the potential to make a significant contribution to the treatment of this highly debilitating disease. Further, our long-term follow-up studies suggest the ability of our therapeutic virus-like particle vaccine to induce clinically effective levels of neutralizing, target-specific antibodies and demonstrate its potential as a new class of veterinary biological medicine.”

May 2020

Publication in the journal of “Vaccines”:

Publication in the “Journal of Clinical Immunology and Immunotherapy”:


Sales start of our Care&Protect TOPICALS line

#Carefortheresearch: This spring we start with the Manefluid to combat itching and scaling as well as the Wound cream to support wound healing and care of heavily stressed skin of horses. Take a look at our Shop.

The profits go entirely to our research department : in this way you support us in developing effective therapies for chronic diseases, allergies and respiratory diseases in horses.

In August we expand our portfolio with a caring Insect repellent, organic – but effective!

December 2019

Publication in the specialist journal “Allergy”:

January 2019 is on Facebook and Instagram. 

FALL 2018

Publication in the specialist journal “Allergy”:


Clinical studies: registration for the waiting list (only for Switzerland)

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept horses with sweet itch.

APRIL 2018

Media release Evax

EVAX AG announces the publication of a first publication with “Proof of Concept” results for clinical studies with summer eczema-affected horses in the renowned 'Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology'. The data was published online on April 4th with the title “Treating insect-bite hypersensitivity in horses with active vaccination against IL-5”.

We appreciate your interest very much and try to process all concerns. Please be patient as we have a lot of inquiries at the moment.

July 2017

Study information event for horse owners participating in studies and interested horse owners.

Date: July 14, 2017 | Location: Wagistrasse 12, 8952 Schlieren | Time: 7 p.m.


Evax partners with Benchmark Animal Health to develop the first therapeutic vaccine candidate for the treatment of summer eczema-induced dermatitis.