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200 ml (14.95 CHF per 100 ml)

For prevention and supportive treatment of skin diseases at the base of the mane and tail.

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Evax Care&Protect Manefluid: Developed by leading dermatologists, pharmacologists and immunologists of Switzerland against itchy and scaly hairline.


Natural ingredient that soothes scaling and irritation.


Provides sufficient moisture


Supports wound healing

- Free from potential allergenic additives -

For the prevention and treatment of skin diseases at the base of the mane and tail: apply several times a day.

IBH-Horses: Application recommended throughout the season, even if no symptoms are visible.

For external use on the horse.

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With every purchase of our equine care products, you support the further development of effective therapies for chronic diseases such as allergies and respiratory disorders in horses.


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2 reviews for Mähnenfluid CARE&PROTECT

  1. Gabriele Hoffmann

    Auch mit dem Fluid bin ich sehr zufrieden! Die Schuppen am Schweif sind nach kurzer Anwendungszeit schon gut zurück gegangen.

  2. Jana

    Hilft super! Besonders am Schweifansatz wird merklich weniger gekratzt.

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