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Wundpflege und Insektenschutz für Pferde

Entwickelt an der Universität Zürich

Wissen aus Immunologie, Dermatologie und Pharmakologie

The first product line consists of care products recommended for sweet itch horses and horses with skin problems in general.
In spring 2020 we started with a mane fluid to combat itching and scaling as well as a care cream to support wound healing and care of heavily stressed skin of horses.

In the course of the year, the line will be expanded to include a caring insect repellent, which protects the horses from biting insects.

Further product lines as medical products are currently being evaluated.

The products

August 2020: CARE&PROTECT Repellent

The repellent was developed as a nourishing defense against insect bites for allergic horses.

April 2020: CARE&PROTECT Creme

The cream was developed as a basic care product for horses to prevent and treat skin diseases and to support wound healing.

April 2020: CARE&PROTECT Mähnenfluid

Developed against itchy and flaky hairline. Supports wound healing.